Monday, November 19, 2012

Never Buy Green Onions Again

I saw this and I could not believe it!!! I had to try it!
Grow your own green onions without dirt, seeds, just water??? I started doing this about a year ago. I love it. We use to buy about 4-6 bunches of green onions per month - while that is not that much, we will take any bit we can.
When you buy a bunch of green onions, you use as much as you need. With this set, I went about 3/4 of the way down. Then when your done using them, just stick them in a glass of water. Just enough water in them to cover the roots. They will grow super fast!! Depending on what I make for the month, I might not use as many or as much as I have growing, so I freeze them. Chop off what you need, and use it or cut it up and stick it in an empty water bottle, then place in the freezer. I love this, because it is costing me nothing, and I have them all the time, they never wilt or go bad.
There is one draw back with this. As with most things, if you leave it in water long enough, it will start to get slimy. So about every month or two I grab a bunch of green onions at the store and just start the cycle over again.
This is something that you can let the kids do too! There is no mess, they can watch how quick they will grow and have a blast doing it. Here are the photos of day 1,2 and 3. - Told ya they grow fast!!
Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
When I freeze mine


  1. this is a very good are sharp and thrifty. Horace would love that about you. I know I sure do.BTW, This is Beth...I am using Lizzie's google mail to comment on your blog.I have enjoyed all the features.You are quite a busy little missy!!!

    1. Thank you Beth!! Horace taught me a lot growing up! I remember making pies with him every year. The new house we moved into has rhubarb. I might try a strawberry-rhubarb pies like we use to make, next year. Sure wish I could cook like you. You have some amazing looking dishes on your page. Miss you!