Monday, November 19, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Happy Monday!! Wow, that weekend flew by for us!! And now we have Thanksgiving week upon us.... EEEKKKK!! Wasn't it just last week we were camping in August? Are we really in mid to late November?
So I have a few posts for today.... I think you are going to love them. I made them this weekend and OHHHH boy! Yummmmo!! My little helpers were busy all weekend! They are really excited to make Thanksgiving dinner.
This first one, I made last year. I thought I would post now so you can make plans for Thanksgiving.
My husband and  I had seen Bacon wrapped Turkeys last year and really didn't think that it would taste that good. Figured it would make it takes like bacon all the way through..... My husband was ok with that though. But I thought, well we might as well try. So a few pounds of bacon later, we were ready to bake our turkey. I baked it the same way as you would normally with any turkey. I still stuffed it with veggies and rubbed it down with butter and herbs. So all was the same except it was covered with bacon.
After it was done baking, it looked oh so yummmy! I have to tell you this turkey was THE BEST, MOISTEST turkey we have ever had!!! It turned out perfect!! Nothing was dry, everything was great!! One problem we did run into though, was you wanted to peel the bacon off and eat it, and you could, but it pulled the skin off with it. And the skin was not crisp, it was cooked but almost like you boiled it. So my suggestion would be to cook it with the bacon on, then when it is done, pull all the bacon and skin off and throw it away. Or, while I have not tried this, I think it would work... Cover your turkey with butter to brown the skin, cook it for about 30 mins on a high temp then remove and cover with bacon and maybe that will help. Give it a try this year!! You will love it!!

Just a forewarning.... this is what happens afterwards.... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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