Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Every Mom Should Learn To Make Laundry Soap

So I have to say that I think every Mom should know and try this recipe!! With 3 kids and a husband that can stain anything, I have gone through my share of laundry soap, while spending a pretty penny on it too!! Once someone shared this with me, I have not bought laundry soap in the store again. It costs me around $3.50 to make a 5 gallon bucket - around 1 cent per load!! Can't beat that price!! Give it a try - I bet you'll be hooked!
Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap (for front or top load machine)
1. 1 Fels-Naptha soap bar (you can buy this in your local grocery store where all the laundry stuff is. It was hard for me to find. Ask your store clerk.
2. 1 Cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. (You have to use WASHING SODA not baking soda.. WASHING SODA!! same aisle as your laundry stuff)
3. 1/2 (half) cup of borax (you can also find it in the laundry aisle)
4. Start off with 4 cups of hot tap water
5. Must get a huge bucket with a lid. You will need at least a 5 gallon bucket. I got mine from Lowes (the gray with with the Lowes logo it's like 4 bucks or less and i got special chalk paint to cover up the lowes logo). You can also use a Costco container or something like that - something big enough to mix and make the soap and store it.
6. Save one of your liquid soap dispensers. You can use the big 5 gallon bucket everyday or save up your liquid soap dispensers and just fill them up as needed to do laundry.

1. Grate the Fels-Naptha soap bar and add to a saucepan with 4 cups of hot tap water. Stir continually over medium low heat until the soap dissolves and is melted.
2. Fill the 5 gallon bucket half full of hot tap water Add melted soap, Washing Soda and Borax. Stir well until all powder is dissolved. Fill the bucket to the top with more hot tap water  Stir, cover and let sit overnight to thicken.
3. Stir and fill a used, clean laundry soap dispenser half full with soap and then fill the rest way up with water. Shake before each use. It should gel up.

Optional: You can add 10-15 drops of essential oil per 2 gallons. Add once soap has cooled. Ideas: lavender, rosemary, tea tree oil. (I haven't used any yet with the scents but I already use fabric softener. Too many scents give me a headache. Again - optional)

Yield: Liquid soap recipe makes about 5 gallons, so... Top load machine - 5/8 cup per load (approximately 180 loads) and the Front Load Machines- 1/4 cup per load (Approximately 640 loads).. But in the front loaders your suppose to use less anyway. All for a total of about $7.00 for all the ingredients - and you don't use all the Washing Soda and Borax. So really your look at at about $3.50 to make this - and if you have a front loader - that is one cent per load - yeah that price it pretty good!!

**** I have used this in both a front loader and top loader and had no problems in either. I have a Bosch front loader that calls for HE soap - and this works great in it!!****

I don't have any problems with this recipe. I love it! It doesn't leave any smells on the clothes and removes all the stinky ones. It cleans great. If you read the ingredients of the Fels-Naptha soap bar, Washing Soda and Borax - it's essentially what you need to clean your clothes not the extra stuff you buy from the store because to me it's more concentrated than the liquid soap from the store.
Anything that doesn't leave stains on my kids clothes, and removes the stinkyness form my husbands clothes for a fraction of what I would pay for the stuff in the store is pretty amazing!! Try it out, let me know what you think!!

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