Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What To Do Now?

While I sometimes I never thought this day would come, now that it is here, I am sad.... Let's start at the beginning though....
14 years ago I had a beautiful baby girl! I was a very young (16) single mom. I had no idea how to raise a baby. I had babysat a few times, enough to know how to change diapers and that type of thing, but not how to be a parent. But no time like the present to learn hu? Since I was pretty busy raising my daughter, still going to high school and working, I never got to learn how to cook, clean, etc from Mom before I left the house. To be honest with with you I don't know how my first few boyfriends survived my cooking. As Kenzie grew I started dating a friend of mine. Things were good, about 1.5 years into it, we decided to get married. I was 19 at this time and thought everything was going to be great. One week before the wedding I found out I was pregnant with my second child. While I thought everything would be fine - he did not. Second guy gone - wedding called off, and single mom to two now. Really God? Just wondering what I did to make you mad. - Little did I know at that time, God was blessing me with two amazing girls who are my world! Kailee was born shortly after I turned 20. I was still working tons of hours and doing everything I could to make ends meet for my two girls and I. About 9 months after she was born I started dating Nathan. We had known each other for years, worked together and he was that friend of mine I would call when I needed someone to chat with. 3 months into dating, he asked me to marry him, 1.5 years later, I was his wife. He took on my two daughters as if they were his own, (later adopting them) and never blinked an eye. I guess God did know everything was going to be OK :)
Poor Nathan, even when we got married I still didn't know how to cook. I remember the first Easter I had his parents to our first apartment, the eggs were not cooked all the way, the toast was cold, yuck. I look back on that and cringe!! After about 2 years of marriage I started to get the hang of it. I became a stay at home mom and had time to look up and try different recipes. While they didn't always turn out, and the smoke detector loved to tell everyone I was a horrible cook, somehow it clicked one day. While being a stay at home we had our 3rd daughter, Kenadie. I have got to stay at home with her since she was born. Which was a big blessing to me since the other two I was working and going to school so much, I missed a lot of their younger years. Kenadie and I did everything together. I taught her sign language, made her homemade baby food, tons of arts and crafts with her and her sisters. I loved being at home with them. But, like any honest mom will tell you, there were those days when you are asking yourself, when the heck is mom's day off? You dreamed of the day when they were in school and you could lay around and do nothing - yeah like a mom can ever sit and do nothing!! Well with the blink of an eye, that day came this year. Kenzie was off to 8th grade, Kailee off to 5th grade and Kenadie off to kindergarten. *sigh* And mama was home not knowing what to do. While I was involved in everything from PTA, Booster Clubs, City Council and so on, I still couldn't believe I didn't have any kids at home needing a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every second, and I could clean and turn around 5 minutes later and no one had messed it up. So, since I have more time, I thought I would try a blog. I had done this about a year ago - I had a big couponing blog and taught classes and so on, but didn't have time. So here we go...figured I would share recipes, crafts, tips etc. Nothing too big just something for this mama to do.

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